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    Turn a Small Room into a Great Man Cave

    Turn a Small Room into a Great Man Cave


    A small room can be a great room – as long as you know how to decorate it. If you’re building a man cave in a small spare bedroom, in a small garage, or in some other confined area of the house, don’t feel discouraged at the size of the space – with a few key tips and tricks, even the smallest room can become the man cave you’ve always dreamed of. 


    Opt For Beverage Coolers Rather Than Bars

    Anyone who likes to relax with a beer, a cocktail, or a glass of wine would love to have a wet bar in their man cave, but not everyone has the space (or the plumbing hook-up) to do that. A chic and stylish alternative to the traditional bar is the beverage cooler. Designed to hold cans of your favorite cold sodas and brews, a temperature controlled cooler takes up minimal space and adds a cool-factor to your man cave that no mini-fridge ever will. With LED lighting and glass doors, it’s perfect for use in any man cave outfitted with industrial or contemporary décor.

    Mirrored Touch Screen Beverage Cooler



    Create the Illusion of a Bigger Space

    Storage and shelving can be an important element in any room, but when you’re decorating a confined space, opt for pieces that visually create the appearance of a larger room. A small room with oversized furniture will look even smaller, whereas a small room with less furniture or smaller pieces will instantly look proportionally bigger. If you want to feature art objects, decorative accents, or collectibles in a small man cave, look for a floating bookcase with glass elements to create the illusion of a bigger space. The more you can make use of vertical space against the wall, the more storage you can enjoy and the bigger your room will appear to be.

    Float 72” Standard Bookcase


    There are lots of other ways to maximize space in a small man cave. You can choose to mount your TV up on the wall in order to save space! Or, consider defining and designating your room with a neon sign that can be mounted against a wall or a window, or opt for a tall rectangular humidor that can hold a collection of cigars and double as a flat surface on which to display decorative items. Bigger isn’t always better, but you can make a room feel bigger by avoiding elements that are oversized.


    When you’re ready to decorate your man cave, visit Man Cave Oasis to find exactly what you need! 



    Unique Ways to Turn a Basement into a Man Cave

    Unique Ways to Turn a Basement into a Man Cave

    If you’ve decided to turn your basement into your own personal man cave, there are a lot of different approaches you can take. Sure, you can keep it simple with a couch, a TV, and a game table, but we like the idea of turning it into something a bit more unique. Depending on your style and interests, you can look for pieces that will transform your space into a distinctive, deliberate room designed for relaxation and entertainment.



    What could possibly be better than having your own personal movie theater right inside your house? Turning a basement into an entertainment center/home theater is easier than you think.


    It starts with a large flat screen TV or a projection screen. It gets elevated when you hook up your audio system, speakers, and surround sound. But it hits next-level style when you add theater seating. No matter how great your TV and sound system are, if you don’t have a comfortable place to sit, then what’s the point? Luxurious leather theater-style seats feature reclining options, headrests and footrests, and cup holders so you can sit in front of the screen for hours with a nice cold beverage close at hand. 


    Before you start transforming your basement into a home theater, make sure you measure the space properly and take into consideration the distance from the seats to the screen. It’s important to make sure that your seats and screen are positioned properly to encourage optimal viewing.



    For a cigar aficionado, there’s nothing quite like having a humidor in your own home. Turn your basement into a man cave where you can smoke your favorite cigars and enjoy hours of conversation.


    You may not be able to turn your entire basement into humidity-controlled humidor room like the one in your favorite cigar shop, but with a humidor cabinet by your side, you can ensure that you’ll always have the perfect smoke. Add a few comfy leather chairs, make sure you have the proper ventilation, and get ready to settle in for hours of soothing, smoking enjoyment.


    When you’re ready to turn your basement man cave into a home theater or your very own humidor room, shop Man Cave Oasis for high-end cigar storage solutions or luxurious theater-style seats.



    5 Way to Take Your Man Cave to the Next Level

    5 Way to Take Your Man Cave to the Next Level

    Whether you’re in the early stages of planning your design or putting the finishing touches on your man cave, you can probably already imagine what it will look like when it’s complete. The typical man cave consists of the basic essentials – a TV, a couch, and possibly a bar – but if you’re really looking to take your room to the next level, we’ve got 5 great ideas that will upgrade your space from ordinary to extraordinary.


    Add a Neon Sign for Bar-Inspired Style

    While you may have outgrown the neon beer signs that decorated your favorite watering hole in college, there’s something about a neon sign that can turn any room into a party space. A great neon sign can be used as a way to designate the area as your own personal space and act as a focal point in the room.

    Create Your Own In-Home Theater with Luxurious Seating

    Comfortable seating in a must in any room, but if you really want to take your man cave to the next level, consider theater-style seating. Designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation, reclining theater seats include convenient features such as cup holders, hidden storage compartments for remotes and audio accessories, and LED lighting to add the at-the-movies glow.


    Amp up the Entertainment Factor

    Surely, every man cave needs a great TV for watching movies, catching up on shows, and playing video games, but if you really want to increase the fun factor, add a game table. Sleek, contemporary foosball tables and pool tables add instant style and offer hours of endless play. It’s a surefire way to ensure that you’ll always have friends stopping by.


    Serve Beer and Wine and the Optimal Temperature

    Regardless of what we like to drink, there’s one thing that we can all agree on – a drink always tastes best when it’s served exactly at its intended temperature. In addition to (or in place of) a standard wet bar, beer and wine coolers offer luxurious storage, convenient accessibility, and ultimate style for the aficionado who wants to keep his collection at the perfect temp.

    Designate a Space to Display Valuables

    Sure, you can hang a few shelves on a wall and display a few miscellaneous items here and there, but if you really want your man cave to look elegant and sophisticated, opt for a grand display case instead. Bookshelves and display cases are a great way to show off collectibles, highlight memorabilia, or feature objects of art that deserve prominent space.


    When you’re ready to take your room to the next level, shop Man Cave Oasis to find the luxurious and distinctive pieces you need!